A lesson in Gold

So we really get Gollums penchant for his “precious,” and while it doesn’t give us super(bad)powers (thankfully) it sure does make us feel preeetty. We wanted to share a few facts about this precious metal we’re so fond of. Cleopatra started it, Liz Taylor showed it off and K Kardashian is still trending it.

24 Karat is pure but he’s a bit of a softy. So we won’t be using this guy for our gem-studded jewels.

22kt is almost there with the addition of 2 parts other alloys.. but he’s still a bit of a softy. Keeping it plain without stones will do. Hint: Pretty cigar ring, maybe!? @Moxie

18kt however, now we’re getting there, tougher with 6 parts, other metals. We can add that bling factor. Diamonds and gemstones you’re safely clawed. And it’s cheaper than that old “softy” sort.

This metal makes a nice threesome AND SOME with alloys like silver, zinc and nickel added. Really going for it aren’t you 18karat.

We won’t leave out our least costly but certainly no lesser 14, 12, 10 and 9karat gold, with more and more friends that they’re playing with.. Zinc, nickel, silver etc, making them a sort after and more affordable gold for pretty pieces...

Last but not least..

Platinum reigns and has that HARDcore Factor.. she’s purer, and more durable! Think playboy (Duracell) bunny type. Show off!!! Not a scratch will show. It is more expensive than gold and It’s a sensitive sort too. AKA hypoallergenic. So sweet.

For the more serious jewellery fanatics.

24 karat yellow = 99.5% pure gold 

22 karat yellow = 91.7 % gold

18 karat yellow  =75.0 % gold 

14 karat yellow  =58.3 % gold

12 karat yellow = 50.0 % gold 

10 karat yellow = 41.7 % gold

9 Karat yellow = 37.5% gold 

Then this little ménage à trois +++ gets more complicated with metal mixing.

This brings us to colour..

Pink/Rose gold has copper in the alloy composition of the gold and white gold is achieved by adding, even more, nickel or palladium. Black gold is acquired by plating white gold with black palladium. How cool!


Karat K is for the unity of measurement for the fineness of gold but Ct is also commonly used. Confusing much.

Carat (ct) is also used for the weight of a diamond.

No fools about gold here.

My pleasure

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September 03, 2018 — Dani Martin